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Sign up/ Login on QuickRemit portal and start with your first transaction to send money online securely at the lowest rate to your Friends, Family and colleagues




How to send money

Create a free account

Sign up on QuickRemit via our app or on the web for free using your email address or Facebook account.

Initiate a transfer

Choose how much money you're sending and select the currency. You will see the transaction fee and exchange rate before you proceed.

Add recipient's details

Enter the bank details of the person you're sending money to. We pay to all banks, so we can verify your recipient's account details.

Confirm the transfer

Send the money via any of the payment options available: debit card, bank transfer, etc.

Identity Verification

Depending on the currency or the amount being sent, we might require you to upload a photo of your ID so we can keep your transactions secure always.

All done

We take it from there. You can monitor the money from your account, while we notify your recipient of the incoming transfer.

How To Send

Your Transfer in safe hands

Our service ensures you can always be there for your loved ones in a way that matters regardless of where they are in the world. All transfers on QuickRemit are encrypted and securely delivered to intended recipients.


QuickRemit is a better option

When it comes to fast and efficient money transfers, QuickRemit stands out as the superior choice

No Hidden Charges

Our process is transparent. You'll see the fees and rates in realtime.

Instant Transfers

Your recipient will receive the money on their end almost immediately.

Convenient Access

You can send money from anywhere. All you need is to login to QuickRemit on your device and you're good to go.

Protected Transactions

Our technology ensures that your transactions are encrypted and all your transfers are secure.

We Pay Globally

No matter where the person is or the bank account, we can send it there for you. We pay to all banks.

Airtime & Bill Payment Option

Our platform allows you to purchase airtime & pay your bills conveniently whether on mobile or on the web.Coming Soon

Send Money With Ease

We are ready to serve millions of customers who need to enjoy seamless online remittance

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Got Questions?

Some of most frequently asked questions

At QuickRemit, your happiness and satisfaction are paramount to us. We provide you with a customised service tailored specifically to your needs and requirements. we utilise our wide networks, experts and market knowledge to get you the most competitive exchange rates in the market thereby saving you money on your transfers.You will be informed of the transfer charges for sending money using QuickRemit before you confirm any transfer and the exchange rate used to derive the estimated amount that your beneficiary will receive in the designated currency before you proceed to confirm and save your transaction.You can also find the charges by visiting our website and entering the amount you want to send into our easy to use currency calculator.

You can send as much as you can subject to our compliance requirements.

Within 5 to 10 minutes for straight transfers to bank accounts.

The name on your QuickRemit account must be your full legal name that appears on your valid ID. If you have made a mistake when registering (for example you may have misspelled your name), or if you have changed your name please contact our customer service by emailing to get help. Alternatively a profile update form is available on the portal for client to change their details and attach supporting documentation. Changes will need to be verified and approved before it can be reflected

No, we can only permit one account per customer.

About QuickRemit

QuickRemit was founded in 2018 with a strong social purpose to make transfers faster, cheaper and easier for people who support their loved ones back home Read more


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